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Stretchy Black Leather Men’s Crotch Zipper Leggings

Stretchy Black Leather Men’s Crotch Zipper Leggings

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men’s Stretchy tight fitting shiny black leather head to head sliders crotch zipper leggings pants makes a wonderful gift to oneself or someone who you know. We use a number 10 size moulded plastic zipper. There are two sliders facing each other. The fabric is thinner, stretchy and somewhat shiny. It is less shiny than the super shiny vinyl fabric. We love these leggings or Capri if you are tall or have long legs because they hug every curve yet black favours every detail. A black leggings padlock can be added to the two sliders on the zippers if you have searched our site you surely have come across the red leather crotch zipper with padlock. 

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