Amy GoStar

So you wanna know a little bit more about what pulls our strings hey. My pseudonym is Mistress Amy Feggings. Nothing beats family. If you buy on our store, you become part of the family. We may not be able to gather in the backyard for a bbq or for a thanksgiving supper, but we will recognize you the next time you drop by and even call you out by your first name. Welcome to the Feggings family.

Please note that we are bringing back our crotch zipper leggings.

So our tagline caught your eye hey. We decided to add an illogical tagline near the head of every page. We must admit that it even had us scratching our heads. We were inspired by Yogi Berra of all people. We found that a lot of his expressions have lasted the test of time. Our tagline is: If your left foot can’t trust your right foot…who can you trust. Feggings always one step ahead. A Fetish trumps a Fashion. Hey, we had to think of something.

Hey, we are a no bells and whistles kinda store. If you get our meaning, our site does not push, nag our visitors nor our customers. We passively show our products when you search for us. You will never see pop-ups or pushy marketing. We despise it and we are sure that you do too. If you like what you see, you will come again. We like to keep things simple and friendly.

So you wanna know how long we have been around hey. We founded our business in 2018. TrustedSite can vouch our establishment. In other words, we have been at this since 2018, so that is a long time when it comes to Internet years. We went the extra mile to show our commitment to security on our store. We build trust. It beats watching the paint dry on the wall.

In this day and age, it is not always easy to make ends meet, especially when you have mouths to feed and bills to adresse. Living from pay checks to pay checks. Juggling ones finances. We created our online store to reach those goals.

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